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This site will become a central demo and link site for any of my contents and interests. Code snippets in various language will be added as they come up as will various articles

About me: I taught myself coding in 2010, in and around a day job that ultimately needed the skill at times. It was VB and SQL. Since then I've crossed into the wider .Net world using all three main languages.

The repositories listed are mostly examples I've built up over time rather than a coherent demonstration or shop window. However, this will change.

This year I promised myself I'd learn Javascript then the most useful frameworks, to stick to this, I've started doing log pages. These are a day's exploration of the language. This gives me a reference point for each part of the language and what I did in learning it. The pages are not intended as tutorials as such! That may come eventually.

Teaching myself Javascript Series
Review Lessons - For Connor
Personal Essays
Occasionally I wake up with a bee in my bonnet, so I'll write it up. Here are a few of the results.
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