Goals, Dreams, Plans

Links of Interest to me

The goal described in the AI Companion page will require a long, many branched journey that may be unreachable in my own lifetime. However, aiming at it means I'll travel through many interesting roads and skills.

Programming alone is a huge toolbox, each type of programming that is understood expands the toolbox considerably.

Links and languages to be added later.

Applied Maths
Here I'm after a thorough but applied understanding of principles in the following areas, mainly because of the application to the 3rd process in my list and coding generally. Plus, it's intriguing how acquiring just enough understanding of a maths concept leads me to keep seeing it everywhere.

Machine learning and AI A selection of current AI efforts

Writing & Rhetoric

I've included far less here, these are some highlights of what I've used. There are many excellent books, I may update with some.

3D Modelling
eventually printing too:I've learnt to use Blender in the past months and rate it highly. I also see it as visual programming in many ways.