Javascript Study ScratchPad - Day 2

Learning Javascript Day 2 - Calculus practice

January 7th 2016:

Welcome to my second day learning basic javascript. The aim here will be to implement simple form elements, evaluate the input and respond accordingly.

Page is far from complete if you land here by accident

This page uses ECMA6 Javascript and no shims for older browsers. That will happen on a later version of the whole site.

This page demonstrates basic use of MathJax as well as giving users a way to practice the very simplest type of differentials.

I couldn't find anyone offering differential calculus mental arithmetic practice so this is a start

Power rule practice

This is the most simple minded implementation of a power rule setup

There is no true evaluation here where you could check the results of $2x^{x-2}$ for example

For the calculation below, please enter the answer required:

To get $x^2$ just type x^2

You typed ${}$