Aktarian Starships

Little starships? What?

A year ago, I had an idea for a bit of fiction that revolved around a race of starships, created just as our universes - yes, plural - were born. They are hybrid in the sense that they have a living soul, that's the nearest term we have for it, and require sentient client races to propagate.

They are multidimensional beings in reality and appear to be no more than a few metres in length as an adult. They do fold space internally, giving them far greater capacity than it would appear

They have a life cycle, therefore, young ones. Yet, they're not typical organic ships that one might expect. They have dual minds until truly adult, which causes all kinds of conflicts and fun.

The rest can be found on their own website, due to be updated soon.

Their home - due to be majorly overhauled very soon!

The various stories are all snippets and works in progress as are the Blender renderings of the ships themeselves

As for little ones, they remain about a metre long for decades until they begin to mature. Full intrauniversal spacefolding is beyond them until they reach sufficient complexity and maturity to handle the information required to do this. Up till then, they usually fold space locally and to interplanetary distances, gradually reaching further as years go by. At this age, due to their size, they are mistaken for some kind of winged animal than what they really are.

They can't carry multiple passengers until they reach maturity either as internal dimensional expansion is also as tricky as the interuniversal fold would be

Watching a home movie of the ship that is carrying you playing as a child centuries previously is a curiously unsettling experience. As a race, the Aktarians tend to playfulness anyway, leading to some strange sights in the odd hanger bay should their partner be from a spacefaring race.

Right click and open to see full file-some renders are low sample count